The Commonwealth of Encartaciones expands the collection of household goods - Deia

2022-06-17 06:23:36 By : Mr. Kevin Hsieh

Starting this June, people residing in municipalities belonging to the Encartaciones Commonwealth will have more opportunities to request the free household goods collection service, which will go from 28 to 48 days a year, at least until December.It will be thanks to a budget item of 10,000 euros.Throughout this 2022, 193 services have already been carried out, collecting 21,280 kilograms, 4,179 more than in the 2021 financial year. In total, 699 objects have been collected, of which 16.6% have been recovered, that is, 116, according to the data released by the Commonwealth.Home collection of belongings can be requested by making an appointment by calling the telephone number 94 415 03 50. Free of charge, it is carried out in collaboration with Emaús, "a social foundation that, since its origins in 1949, has always been related to recycling, ecology and the environment", they specify from the institution in question.The different objects collected are recovered for later sale or auction."This activity has been and continues to be the main means of obtaining income for the start-up and maintenance of the Emaús Foundation's economic initiatives and job placement", which help people at risk of exclusion, they recall.In addition, the philosophy of reusing products in cases where it is possible reduces the generation of waste and promotes proper treatment of products instead of disposing of them in the street without due care.And it slows down the evolution of climate change.Emmaus establishes a very graphic comparison: a reused refrigerator is equivalent to six hours, 41 minutes and 55 seconds of solidarity employment and a day with 46 fewer cars circulating, without their corresponding emissions.A reused sofa is equivalent to six hours and 22 minutes of solidarity employment for vulnerable people, as well as one day with 4,579 trees absorbing carbon dioxide.And they calculate that for every 10,000 tons of waste abandoned in a landfill, six jobs can be created.On the other hand, if they are recycled they reach 36 and reusing them the benefit rises to 296 jobs.For all these reasons, the Commonwealth of Las Encartaciones invites the residents of Alonsotegi, Artzentales, Balmaseda, Galdames, Gordexola, Güeñes, Karrantza, Lanestosa, Sopuerta, Turtzioz and Zalla to continue using this service, "but remember that it is not allowed to deposit bulky waste in the street around the waste collection containers such as the rest, organic, packaging or glass fraction, since it can be sanctioned with an economic fine", they warn.