2022-06-15 11:28:27 By : Ms. Nina Lam

We are still going to be lucky that it is Sánchez who governs.Energy poverty ceased to exist the same day that the motion of censure won, which was also the same day that evictions ended, the tragedy of suicides, homelessness, hot deliveries of immigrants, white coats, the green tides and the men in black.Yolanda's red lipstick, very cool and anti-Franco, emerged, escraches remained a relic on YouTube, and the sale of saucepans to surround Congress plummeted.There are no longer disadvantaged, nobody needs Cáritas, gasoline is paid like whiskey only because of the usury of multinationals, the risk premium does not exist on the news, and electricity costs the same as in 2018.If you are already subscribed, log inWe want to get to know you so that we can offer you content according to your preferences. Could you answer a few brief questions?It will not take you more than a minute.Thanks in advance!Please, can you provide us with your date of birth and gender?Please mark one or more topics that are of interest to you.To see the comments and be able to comment, you must be a subscriber