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2022-06-15 11:28:38 By : Mr. Yuhua Lai

If you are looking to buy a shipping container, watch out for the so-called “Sea Can Scam.” This crafty con uses real business addresses trick people into paying for a shipping container that doesn’t exist.

You see an ad online for shipping containers at a very competitive price. You reach out to the business and are directed to a professional looking website. You even do background research by searching for their physical address online. An online map shows their address is in a shipping yard. Everything checks out!

After some back and forth with a customer service representative, you agree to purchase the container. You are asked to pay up front before you can arrange pick up.

However, after paying, the customer service reps become difficult or impossible to contact. If you visit the business in person, you find there is indeed a shipping container company at that address. Unfortunately, they are a different business with no knowledge of your purchase or the website you visited. Scammers use the addresses of legitimate businesses as a cover for their scams. They steal your money and personal information while damaging a real business’s reputation.

Avoid getting scammed by reviewing the BBB Tip: Smart Online Shopping. If you’ve spotted a scam, report it to BBB Scam Tracker, even if you didn’t fall victim or lose any money. Your report can help others avoid common scam tactics.

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